New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

As an Elgin resident for 20 years, I have always been passionate about quality education. I am a teacher, parent, and active member of the U-46 community who works to support our district, its staff, students, teachers, and parents.  As a special needs parents, I firmly support inclusion as the first option for all students.

Over the past decade I have been a parent in nearly a dozen U-46 schools with three children involved in various district programs such as Dual Language, ILP, and the Academy. Most recently I served as co-chair on two different Citizens’ Advisory Council committees.  Presently, I have children at Larkin High School, Streamwood High School, and Otter Creek Elementary School.

Professionally, I have worked at Elgin Community College as an instructor for the past 13 years. I teach in the Adult Basic Education programs.  I also serve as the Tutor Training Coordinator for the Literacy Connection of Elgin. My education includes two Masters degrees in education-related fields.

Kate Thommes Family